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The studio is now closed for non-professional rehearsals until the 14th February at the earliest or we are advised otherwise. If you wish to record with us, please note we are open and that for simplicity, email us at or message our Facebook page.

Monday to Thursday

Daytime Rehearsal 10am-6pm
1-3 ppl £50.00
4-7 ppl £60.00

Evening Rehearsal
1-3 ppl £30.00
4-7 ppl £40.00

Tuesday Evenings are currently booked
for the foreseeable future

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
(Please contact us)

Daytime Rehearsal 10am-4pm
1-3 ppl £40.00
4-7 ppl £50.00
4 hour slot Sat/Sun £30.00**
4 hour slot Sat/Sunday Student £20.00**

Evening Rehearsal 7pm-11pm
1-3 ppl £25.00
4-7 ppl £30.00
Student £20.00*

*Student Discount – To book a rehearsal at the student rate at least one member of the band must be in education or under the age of 18.

** Daytime Sunday Session – You can book a four hour session during the day with a start time anytime up until 2pm.  There is a maximum of 7 ppl allowed to rehearse and students benefit from a cheaper rate too!

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